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Lentz Scholarship Application

  • Tuesday, February 15, 2022
  • Monday, April 04, 2022
  • Online


Watercolor Society of Indiana James C. Lentz Memorial Art Scholarship 2022

Today’s art students are tomorrow’s fine artists. The Watercolor Society of Indiana is proud to invest in the future of art by awarding a yearly scholarship to help a promising art student with rising tuition costs. Click the "REGISTER" button to apply online!

The James C. Lentz scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior who is pursuing a degree in either fine arts, arts education or art related field from a college, university, or school of design, and who will graduate from an Indiana high school before July 1 of the year in which the scholarship will be awarded. WSI will consider “fine arts to be something requiring highly developed techniques and skills.” The scholarship award of $1000 will be paid directly to the college or university attended by the award winner.

The scholarship submission ("Register" online or by mail) consists of a completed application form, portfolio, artist’s statement, letter of recommendation and transcript. Applications are due via mail or online by April 4, 2022. 2022 Scholarship Application.pdf

Application must include:

1. completed application form either online or by mail.
2. 3-6 images on flash drive or uploaded to WSI’s website.
3. artist’s statement
4. letter of recommendation
5. transcript

    2022 James C. Lentz Memorial Art Scholarship Rules

    Deadline: If applying by mail, please return the completed application form along with your portfolio, artist’s statement, letter of recommendation and transcript by April 4, 2022 (5pm), to Watercolor Society of Indiana, 4181 East 96th Street, Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46240, or click "Register" to submit online at to be considered for the school year starting with the Fall 2022 semester. Applications may also be hand delivered to the office (address above) during building office hours: Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM, closed Saturday and Sunday.

    Portfolio: The portfolio should include a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of six (6) images of work completed within the last 24 months. This work should demonstrate your ability and serious pursuit of art and should represent the diversity of your experience. Please include at least one drawing and one painting in your portfolio. The portfolio should be submitted digitally using high resolution (300 dpi) jpg files via flash drive or uploaded to WSI’s website. If submitting via flash drive, label each image with your name, title, and media using the following format: Your Name.Title.Medium.

    Submissions will not be returned.

    Artist’s Statement: The artist’s statement should include your reasons for wanting to be an artist, an explanation of your creative process (where you get your ideas and how you get them to the final visual expression), and why you are seeking this scholarship.

    Letter of Recommendation: A letter of recommendation from a current or past instructor familiar with your artistic qualifications should be included with the application.

    Transcript: Copy of official transcript of high school credits.

    Selection: Selection will be determined by the Watercolor Society of Indiana’s scholarship committee after review of all images and information submitted with the application form. You will be contacted in early May with results.


    Scholarship applicants will be contacted the week of May 2, 2022 with the WSI's decision. All applicants will receive a free, 2022 Student Membership to WSI. Thank you and good luck!



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