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Watercolor Society of Indiana


The Watercolor Society of Indiana became a registered nonprofit corporation in Indiana in September, 1983.  The first annual exhibit was held in November at the William H. Block Company Auditorium in downtown Indianapolis.  There were one hundred and one paintings, and the Best of Show was awarded $400.  Since 1991, annual exhibitions have been held on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art as well as other prominent places.

WSI’s foundation status as a 501(c)3  with the Internal Revenue Service became official on April 18, 1995. Today’s members express their gratitude to Wilbur Meese, Jean Vietor, Frank Vietor, Shirley Werner Carr, and to all the Founding Members who shared a dream. 

Activities of the Society have increased over the years as our talented artists appreciate and continue to produce high quality watercolor paintings and educate the public about this beautiful, transparent medium.  WSI has artist, student, and patron members statewide.

WSI relies on volunteers, sponsors, and charitable contributions to support art education, outreach programs, high-quality shows, and organizational activities. Contact Us to Volunteer and learn ways to get involved. You may donate to WSI's efforts either online, or download this form and mail with payment to the office. All donations to WSI are tax deductible. Thank you for supporting watercolor art and artists of Indiana.

Mary Clouse - Brown County Fall



Watercolor Society of Indiana

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4181 East 96th Street, Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46240 

Call/Text: 317-500-2275

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