WSI Members

WSI Eligibility:

Resident or former resident of the State of Indiana.

Membership Types:

  • Artist Memberships are offered to those who paint in watercolor and wish to participate in WSI activities.
  • Student Memberships are available to any full-time student in an accredited institution of higher education, seeking a degree in art.
  • Patron Memberships are offered to those who enjoy watercolor painting and support the goals of WSI.

Signature Member and Cardinal Fellow Points

Signature membership and Cardinal Fellowship are earned by accumulating “points.” The point system is explained in the Membership section of the Watercolor Society of Indiana By-laws, Article I, Sections 1-3. Article I. Membership Levels

  • Section 1. Membership levels will be determined according to current needs and may include Artist, Student, Patron, Sponsor, Signature, Cardinal Fellow, and Corporate Donor.
  • Section 2. Requirement for achieving Signature Membership (initials WSI after his/her name): Member in good standing whose painting(s) has been chosen by juror to be included in two (2) annual juried exhibitions. 
  • Section 3. Requirements for achieving Cardinal Fellowship are as follows: Member in good standing who has accumulated a total of 20 artistic and/or service merit points. One point is awarded for each year of service as a Board member or committee chairperson. One point is earned for each year member exhibits in the juried exhibit, one point for each merit award received (Honorable Mention does not receive a point.), and three points for the Wilbur Meese Memorial Award (First Prize). No more than 10 of the 20 required points may be earned through service work as past officers, board members or committee chairpersons.

Signature Member: “WSI” following your name designates that you are a Signature Member. To become a Signature Member, you must have been accepted into two juried exhibits. Signature Members will be recognized in the Annual Juried Exhibition Catalog and in the Directory.

Cardinal Fellow: “CF” following your name designates that you have accumulated the 20 points required in the By-laws; these points may be a combination of “Artistic” and “Service” points. However, at least 10 of the 20 must come from being accepted into and/or winning awards in our Juried Exhibit. These are “Artistic” points.

“Artistic points” are earned by having a painting accepted for the WSI annual juried exhibit. Additional artistic points are awarded for Merit Awards (1 point) and the First Prize, “Wilbur Meese Memorial Award” Award (3 points). Points are not awarded for Honorable Mention. 

  • “Service points” refers to Cardinal Fellow points you earn by serving as a Board member or as a Committee Chairperson. You do not receive a point for hosting at the Exhibits or serving on a committee. However, we very much value our members volunteering to do these jobs; our artists’ efforts enhance both our image at the Exhibits and our sales.
Henry Bell, CF Carolyn J. Humke, CF
Betty Boyle, CF Patricia Hooper, CF
Robert Bratton, CF Amanda Kirby, CF
Rena Brouwer, CF James Curtin Lentz, CF
Peggy Brown, CF Jeanne McLeish, CF
Joann Cardwell, CF Wilbur Meese, CF
Shirley Werner Carr, CF Robert Meyers, CF
Thea Clarke, CF J. Anna Roberts, CF
Kathleen Cornelius, CF Jean Smith, CF
Marilynn Derwenskus, CF Jerry Smith, CF
Emel Doner, CF Barbara Stark, CF
Bill Duncan, CF W. Ray Stevens, CF
George C. Elliott, CF Martha Stevenson, CF
Dorothy S. Englehart, CF Creston Stokes, CF
Rich Ernsting, CF Becky Taylor, CF
Sandy Ezell, CF Leah S. Traugott, CF
Jim Faulkner, CF Doris Turnbaugh, CF
Louise B. Hansen, CF Robert L. Wallis, CF
Rebecca Moore Higgins, CF  Cheryle Lowe, CF
James Weaver, CF  Patricia Huffman, CF