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“Value and Light” May 1, 2021 – VIRTUAL with WSI Signature & Founding Member, Internationally Known Artist, Stephen Edwards.

 We will begin with a black/white drawing (simple house on a hill) and see what you can make it into using your own creativity but keeping values and lights and darks at the forefront of the design. Follow-up Critique May 22 from 10:00am -12:30pm. Supply List & Zoom link emailed to students after ticket purchase. $100 for WSI Members, $150 for Non-members.

Register before April 26th to attend this unique opportunity!

Outline For Workshop May 1 2021

Stephen Edwards Workshop Registration

"Value and Light" May 1, 2021 VIRTUAL - 10:00am to 12:30pm Follow-up Critique May 22 from 10:00am -12:30pm Registration Deadline April 26, 2021
  • Deadline to sign up April 26, 2021 Supply List emailed to students after ticket purchase. Become a WSI Member to get the discount! Thank you!
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Artists Statement

       As I am primarily a self-taught artist, but the artists that have influenced my work are the ones that I have taken workshops with. The late Paul J. Sweany and Floyd D. Hopper were contemporary contributors who have greatly influenced my work. N.C. Wyeth and Andrew Wyeth have been a factor in how I paint and what I paint. I have studied many British watercolorists, and it is their use of color that has been a major contributor to my style.

       I have been painting in watercolors for over 40 years. It is my preferred medium. I also enjoy oils and depending on the subject (and what I am trying to convey to the viewer) decides the medium that I use. I have found that the challenge of watercolors gives me a reason to explore the many techniques and subjects its versatility offers up to an artist. It opens more experimental avenues to me than oils. It is a quite controllable medium in contrast to other mediums.

       My philosophy in painting can be summed up by looking at what appears to be an eclectic collection of finished works. I am always searching for the next subject that will make me grow as an artist. I believe this should be the mantra of all artists that seek to find about themselves and their work.  Every painting should be a challenge to get to your next painting. I can’t imagine myself finding a niche and day in and day out painting the same thing. I want to be able look back at each work as a standalone piece that cannot be grouped collectively other than a step in the evolution of my skills. My mission is to make painting better than the last. And in this workshop that is my goal for the student. Watercolor painting is not a set of tricks; it is knowledge and use of the materials. You can only achieve that level of painting in one manner, just paint and do it.


Stephen Edwards, WSI

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/126649060691516
Instagram: @edwards.stephen

Paul Jackson Workshop

July 6 - July 9