The Watercolor Society of Indiana relies on both volunteers and donations to support high quality shows, outreach programs and organizational activities. 

Membership dues cover only a percentage of the production costs. The remainder of WSI’s operating income comes from the generous support of individuals, corporations and foundations across Indiana.

There are multiple ways that you can donate to the Watercolor Society of Indiana. You can make a donation for:

  • Advertisement Purchase in the Juried Exhibit Catalog
  • Award Sponsorship at the Annual Juried Exhibit
  • Purchase Award at the Annual Juried Exhibit
  • Outreach Program Donation
  • Donation to the Watercolor Society of Indiana

If you would like more information on how you can donate to help the Watercolor Society of Indiana, click on Donate button at the top of the website for a downloadable donation form or call our Executive Director, Nancy Mullens at 317.814.6194 or e-mail at wsiemail@ori.net.