As a consumer and recycler, I am disappointed by the volume of paper that arrives in our mail every day.  We go through the process of tearing off the addresses on catalogs, etc., and anything else we don’t want to keep (which is most of our mail), and then the remaining items go into our recycle bin.  Our recyclables are picked up every other Friday, and the very large bin is usually filled.  In fact, twice a month there is WAY more disposable stuff in our recycle bin than there is in our garbage bin.  In a digital age, should there really be SO much paper?  Does there NEED to be so much paper? 

I’ve subscribed to snail-mail WC mags in the past, but not any longer.  I’ve discovered two online art magazines that come to my email mailbox, and I thought you might like to take a look. is a magazine I receive in my mailbox on a regular basis.  I added the link so you can take a look and then sign up if you want to.  It’s free–which is an added bonus, and the images are gorgeous and the articles interesting. WSI member and talented artist Jeanne McLeish recommended this online mag as a great way to begin getting inspired in the new year, and I agree.

I also receive, which offers suggestions/advice/resources in many areas of painting, not just WC.  Click on the link and see what you think.  It’s also free.

Years ago–at the beginning of this digital age–I read a book about where all this online “stuff” should/can/might fit into our lives, and the author said our digital connections are best when they are both “high-tech” and “high-touch.”  I know that some of our members disparage the internet and would never be interest in being high-tech, but I must confess that I enjoy talking to friends I haven’t seen for a while and hearing from former students who send pics of their children and grandchildren, and I love being in contact with painters who share many of the same passions that I share.  So, anyone who is not digitally inclined is certainly not reading this blog entry, but for any of you who are, it’s good to have contact with you.

Keep painting beautiful things.