Watercolor Society of Indiana Presents a 4-Day workshop with renowned Watercolor Artist, Paul Jackson. July 6-9, 2021 (9-4 pm daily). Held at a new location:  Second Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis “Dramatic Light & Luminosity in Watercolor” With Watercolor Artist, Paul Jackson.

NEW LOCATION – Ideal for Social Distancing!

  • Gymnasium size room for all attendees to have their own table (plenty of social distancing room!)
  • Two large screens for demo viewing (no need to sit close together and view the demo on an overhead mirror!)
  • Easy access to interstate and lots of parking with elevators!
  • Limited class size to accommodate for social distancing


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About Paul Jackson & this workshop:

  • Paul will demonstrate the versatility of watercolor paint. You will learn how to work in thin layers of washes to build up luminous colors. Paul will lead you step-by-step with demonstrations of the painting process. Emphasis will be on what makes a good painting, planning the entire picture area, the importance of thinking through the composition, good division of shapes, value planning, what to communicate about the subject, and how to correct mistakes.
  • Expect an engaging, dynamic, concentrated, and lively workshop where you will elevate your understanding of watercolor. Beginners are always welcome!
  • Through informal lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and critiques you refine your personal painting style. Come prepared to be entertained, make new artist friends, and find logical and creative answers to your watercolor problems.
  • Honored by the American Watercolor Society (AWS) with signature membership at the age of 30 and recently earned Dolphin Medal status. Paul is also a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society (NWS) and an Honor Member of the Missouri Watercolor Society. A prolific artist and ambitious world traveler, Paul Jackson is one of today’s most versatile and visible contemporary watercolorists. Whether his subject is landscape, cityscape, portrait, architecture, still life or abstract, Paul captivates his audience with genuine emotion, intensity, and finesse that energize each of his creations.
  • Jackson is the author of Painting Spectacular Light Effects in Watercolor, from North Light Books and The Wandering Watercolorist, from Chameleon Press 2013. He is an eagle scout, an adventurous spirit, and travels the earth with his muse, Marla in search of visual inspiration.
  • See more about Paul and his fabulous – colorful – dynamic painting at: https://www.pauljackson.com/

Cost of Workshop and Registration:

Fee:             Members $525 / Non-Members:  $600

Size:            Class limited for social distancing.

Register at:  https://www.watercolorsocietyofindiana.org/workshops/

Questions:   Contact WSI Executive Director, Tanya Roberts

        Phone:  317-814-6194

        email:  tanya@watercolorsocietyofindiana.org

Materials List:

  • Paper – 2 sheets of Arches watercolor paper, 140lb, 260lb (aka 156 lb cold press/356gsm), or 300lb cold press. Paul will demonstrate on a 1/2 sheet (20×26″) of 260lb – (aka 156 lb cold press/356gsm)
  • Painting board – large enough to fit 1/2 sheet of paper.
  • Palette– Paul uses the Quiller palette, but any large watercolor palette will do.
  • Water containers– at least 2
  • Paper Towels
  • Brushes
  • 3 Round watercolor brushes, pick a small, medium and large
  • 2” flat wash brush
  • 1 small, cheap brush for masking fluid.
  • Masking fluid
  • Graphite paper (large sheet)
  • Any other watercolor supplies you normally use. (aka: kneaded eraser, exacto knife, sketching pencil, masking tape…)
  • Paint-Bring the paints you normally use.  Paul will be using his Paul Jackson Signature Watercolor Paint Set by Da Vinci Paint Co: https://www.davincipaints.com/category-s/168.htm?utm_source=www.pauljackson.com

Aubergine, Bora Bora Turquoise, Cabernet, Cowbell, Deep Dark Blue, Deep Purple, Electric Lemon, Envy, Fireball, International Orange, Jackson Blue, Kathmandu Alizarin, Marigold, Masters Yellow, Portrait Pink, Rockstar Pink, Sienna Fire, Submarine Yellow, Ocean, Ultramarine Dream.  You will be provided a color chart for standard colors by DaVinci (so it will be easy to use colors from your own collection/supply)

*Matching colors from other professional brands will suffice.*

Workshop Details:

A new workshop location was chosen to accommodate large spaces between artist tables (room is gymnasium size)

Lunch and food will be on your own (as serving food is still a Covid challenge) – bring your own lunch for the one-hour break (This location is not close to restaurants or stores).  There are many eating areas within this very large church building!

Beverages will be provided (water, coffee, tea bags) – vending machines are available

Once you register, you’ll be sent location instructions and the color paint chart (as Paul has his signature colors – and many want to use colors/pigments on their palette)

We look forward to hosting you this July for the Paul Jackson Watercolor Workshop!

Workshop Location:

Second Presbyterian Church

7700 N. Meridian Street

Indianapolis, IN 46240


What People have to say about Paul’s workshops”

May I just say WOW! What an amazing experience! I’m fairly new to watercolor, or any painting medium for that matter, so I was a bit unsure of attending this workshop as a newbie. Gratefully, my nervousness was soon put at ease. Paul and Marla provide a great stress-free atmosphere that promotes the absorption of the flood of information presented in the workshop. Paul teaches in the same manner that he paints, with many layers and hidden gems that apply to all levels of artists. Furthermore, all of the participants were very positive, encouraging, and uplifting. I am renewed, refreshed, and excited to paint! As a side note, I have also joined Paul Jackson’s Watercolor Workshop Anonymous Club, as I am now addicted to his workshops!

I had hardly lifted a brush prior to my first and only workshop with Paul and Marla, and voila, during this experience, absolutely everyone was encouraging and helpful–a perfect place for all levels of achievement. I hope to attend another since that experience was not only instructive but personally enriching!

I’ve taken several workshops with Paul, & traveled to France and Italy with Paul and Marla. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about painting, color, composition, supplies, and loved every minute of it. It’s not that common for someone that extraordinary to be just as nice and helpful as well as being such a superb teacher and friend.

Paul’s workshops are the most information-packed experiences an artist can engage in. Every painter receives full interactive attention from this dynamic duo! The sound, decisive instruction enables the painter to attain a greater understanding of the mechanics and confidence of their ability to apply the principles in all areas of art. By far the best bang for the buck in learning from a master! And his classes are so darned much fun!

In a room full of other artists it can be overwhelming – but Paul and Marla are so fun and personable!  I loved the teaching style, the demos, and the way Paul made it look easy.  And the “one-on-one” in the workshop makes all the difference – I felt I was getting the instruction I needed to make an impact on my style of painting while watching a master at work!