Space is limited! Paul Jackson, NWS, AWS Dolphin Medalist. 4-Day Workshop “Dramatic Light & Luminosity in Watercolor” July 6 – 9, 2021. Indianapolis, IN. $525 for WSI Members. $600 for Non-Members. Deadline June 18, 2021.

Paul Jackson is an internationally acclaimed artist known around the world for his paintings, workshops, and dedication to his craft. Paul will help you reach the next level of artistic confidence and ability as he guides you through a painting, illustrating the principles of design, color, value, composition, and the mechanics of watercolor.

Through informal lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and critiques you refine your personal

painting style. Come prepared to be entertained, make new artist friends, and find logical and creative answers to your watercolor problems.

Paul will demonstrate the versatility of watercolor paint. You will learn how to work in thin layers of washes to build up luminous colors. Paul will lead you step-by-step with demonstrations of the painting process. Emphasis will be on what makes a good painting, planning the entire picture area, the importance of thinking through the composition, good division of shapes, value planning, what to communicate about the subject, and how to correct mistakes.

If watercolor is your passion, then this highly energized painting workshop is for you! Paul’s stress-free, positive approach toward the act of painting will inspire you to loosen up and have fun again. Expect an intense, concentrated and lively workshop where you will elevate your understanding of watercolor. Beginners are always welcome!

Paul is the author of Painting Spectacular Light Effects in Watercolor and The Wandering Watercolorist.

Paul Jackson spent his adventurous childhood in Starkville Mississippi. He discovered his passion for watercolor at Mississippi State  University in 1985. He received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Missouri in 1992 and has since been relentless in pursuit of his creative dreams, receiving top honors in national and international competitions, contributing his art to a vast library of magazines and books and sharing his creative influence to all corners of the earth.

Honored by the American Watercolor Society with signature membership at the age of 30, Paul is also a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society and an Honor Member of the Missouri Watercolor Society. A prolific artist and ambitious world traveler, Paul Jackson is one of today’s most versatile and visible contemporary watercolorists. Whether his subject is landscape, cityscape, portrait, architecture, still life or abstract, Paul captivates his audience with genuine emotion, intensity, and finesse that energize each of his creations.

Jackson is the author of Painting Spectacular Light Effects in Watercolor, from North Light Books and The Wandering Watercolorist, from Chameleon Press 2013. He is an eagle scout, an adventurous spirit, and travels the earth with his muse, Marla in search of visual inspiration.


  • Paper – 2 sheets of Arches watercolor paper, 140lb, 260lb (aka 156 lb cold press/356gsm)or 300lb cold press. Paul will demonstrate on a 1/2 sheet (20×26″) of 260lb – (aka 156 lb cold press/356gsm)
  • Painting board – large enough to fit 1/2 sheet of paper.
  • Palette– Paul uses the Quiller palette, but any large watercolor palette will do.
  • Water containers– at least 2
  • Paper Towels
  • Brushes
  • 3 Round watercolor brushes, pick a small, medium and large
  • 2” flat wash brush
  • 1 small, cheap brush for masking fluid.
  • Masking fluid
  • Graphite paper (large sheet)
  • Any other watercolor supplies you normally use. (aka: kneaded eraser, exacto knife, sketching pencil, masking tape…)
  • Paint-Bring the paints you normally use.  Paul will be using his Paul Jackson Signature Watercolor Paint Set by Da Vinci Paint Co:

Aubergine, Bora Bora Turquoise, Cabernet, Cowbell, Deep Dark Blue, Deep Purple, Electric Lemon, Envy, Fireball, International Orange, Jackson Blue, Kathmandu Alizarin, Marigold, Masters Yellow, Portrait Pink, Rockstar Pink, Sienna Fire, Submarine Yellow, Ocean, Ultramarine Dream

*Matching colors from other professional brands will suffice.*

 Download Paul Jackson Workshop Flyer to print/mail payment. Or register online now. Deadline June 18, 2021.

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4-Day Workshop July 6 - 9, 2021. 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day. $525 for WSI Members. $600 for Non-Members. Second Presbyterian Church, 7700 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46240. Pack a lunch for an hour break daily.
  • Paul Jackson 4-Day Workshop July 6-9, 2021 Pay-in-full or deposit required. Full balance due by June 18, 2021. Space is limited. Snacks and beverages included. Lunch not included.