Happy New Year, WSI members and water media artists.  Each new year always makes me uncomfortable because it forces me to evaluate myself and what I did/did not do or did not do well in the previous year and make some decisions about what to do better in the coming year.  I don’t call these “resolutions.”  I call them “think abouts.”  My dad used to tell me that I was (sometimes) my own worst enemy because I was so hard on myself.  I think some of that is a result of being the eldest child in the family–for whom there are always high expectations.  The GOOD news about high expectations is that those of us who expect more usually achieve more.  I learned after many years in high school and middle school classrooms that students rise to the level of teacher expectations (and educational research supports this, by the way). So… the question is, do we rise to the level of our own expectations?

Let me share some “Think Abouts”–things that I know for sure at my advancing age:

  • Barring a serious illness or bubonic plague, I will never be “skinny.” Not gonna happen.  So, I will concentrate on being the healthiest I can be this year. 
  • My art work will not hang at MOMA.   So, I will concentrate on drawing and painting on a regular basis to help myself become the best artist I can be.  One of my WSI friends said to me a few months ago, “You just really enjoy playing with paint, don’t you?”  The answer is “Yes.  I do.”  So, this year I will have fun playing with paint and surfaces and color and just enjoy myself. 
  • If there were an award for “Best Grandmother of the Year,” I would be nominated. For sure.  I might even win.  Therefore, this year I will continue to make family my top priority.
  • I am a really good cook. That is all.  If you get invited to our home for a meal, you will enjoy it.  I will continue to explore new delicacies in our daily menus. 
  • I love being in the company of all the people in WSI. LOVE IT.  The creative energy any time we are together is inspiring.  I love seeing your work, and I love that you inspire me.  I intend to continue to be involved.

These are just some of my “Think Abouts” for 2019.  I’m sure you have a list, too.  I can’t call them resolutions because then–in my mind at least–they become some kind of law.  And I’m not a law-breaker–except in my studio with paint and paper.

I wish you health and happiness in this coming year, and I hope you will find inspiration and love in all that you do.

But that’s just my opinion.