I always tell Nancy Mullens that before I write the blog, I wait for some kind of “inspiration.”

It’s a bit difficult these days to feel “inspired,” at least it is for me, so I think I’ll write about “inspiration” and share some things with you in the hopes that you will also share with me.

I am always inspired by the art of others.  I am particularly inspired by the watercolors of my fellow artists.  I think watercolors are tricky to paint, and that’s why I’m inspired to use watercolor as my favorite medium.  The painting above is an acrylic commission that I painted for a friend.  It’s a large painting on canvas, and I really enjoyed painting it, but I wasn’t as inspired as I usually am when working with watercolor.  With acrylic I have to add light.  With watercolor, the light is there, and I have to remind myself not to take it away. 

I am inspired by flowers.  I love flowers, especially hybrid tea roses, which are not always easy to grow in in dense clay Indiana soils, but I manage.    The rose pictured here is my favorite, called “Double Delight” because it has two colors.  It’s also very fragrant.  It’s pictured here with lavender, which I also have in my flower garden.  I’m inspired right now to paint this rose and this lavender from this photo, and it’s currently on my table–unfinished–and waiting for additional inspiration.

I am inspired by Newfields, and I love having a membership so I can visit whenever I want and continue to be inspired.  I am inspired by people’s faces.  I love meeting new people and getting to know them, and I’m hoping that someday I will be good enough–and inspired enough–to paint their wonderful portraits.  I’m practicing, but I’m not yet ready.

A pandemic isn’t the most inspiration thing I’ve ever encountered.  If I were a scientist working on a vaccine, I’d probably be inspired every day because I’d have a problem to solve.  Sequestering isn’t very inspiring for extroverts like me, but I’m working on it. 

Until the world rights itself and we can be a community together again, I will be inspired by the beauty that I can see and experience, and I will keep on painting.

But that’s just my opinion. Paint beautiful things.  Sending you virtual hugs.  Pat