I always tell Nancy Mullens that before I write the blog, I wait for some kind of “inspiration.” Well, I was inspired by our WSI General Membership meeting on October 24.  It was the first General meeting since November of 2019.  It was a ZOOM meeting, which isn’t the same as seeing everyone in person, but it was great to see everyone who logged in, even if it was a virtual log-in. 

I knew Ann Johnson was an amazingly talented artist, but I was overwhelmed by the art created by her that hangs in her studio.  It was a real temptation NOT to try to sneak out of the studio with her French poodle clock hidden somewhere on my person. Her video was excellent, and I especially enjoyed the question/answer session after the video.  If you didn’t see the video and want to watch it again, here’s a link for you that will allow you to watch until November 2, when it will disappear from the website.  https://www.watercolorsocietyofindiana.org/ann-johnson-video-presentation-october-24-2020-available-through-november-2-2020/

Nancy Mullens did her usual excellent job of organizing and moderating the meeting, as did Ann Rose, and the agenda–while a bit long–nevertheless covered much of the business of this year.

So, what happens now?  Thanks to those of you who were in attendance, we have ratified a revised Constitution for the group, and we need to find ways to fund-raise and make ourselves known to a larger group.  And we need to attract younger artists from whom we can learn and whom we can assist.

It would also be wonderful to find a way that we can paint together.  As winter approaches, that may be more difficult, but we can brainstorm ideas.  We are clever enough and creative enough to do that.  We also need to encourage more of you to become involved by serving on the board and volunteering in other ways.  If it’s always the same people, then the same things tend to happen.  Think about it.  We need YOU.

But then that’s just my opinion. Paint beautiful, meaningful things.  Sending you virtual hugs.  Pat