Happy February, Facebook Friends and WSI members.  I know that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday designed to sell many greeting cards, but I like it anyway. 

Historically, there really was a St. Valentine.  Reference.com provided this information:  “Historians are uncertain what stories about Valentine are true…. There were a number of Valentines recognized as saints, but the one who is most commonly referred to is a priest from the third century who was commemorated on February 14th, which has become the Valentine’s Day holiday. There are a number of legends surrounding Saint Valentine, some of which involve him conducting marriages, but none are supported by historical evidence. Another legend is that Valentine befriended the daughter of a jailer while he was imprisoned and gave her a card that he had signed, beginning the romantic tradition of the holiday. “What I enjoy about Valentine’s day is remembering and being remembered by those I love.  I enjoy the flowers (when I receive them) and the candy (when it’s gifted to me), and I enjoy having a Valentine’s dinner out with my husband of 52+ years. 

            I also love the color red, whether it’s Valentine’s day or not.  Someone (and I don’t remember who) once told me that every painting needs a bit of red.  Or maybe several bits of red.  But     which RED? Do we add Alizarin Crimson?  Winsor Red?  Quinacridone Magenta? Brown          Madder (which is really a deep, dark red)? Pyrol Scarlet?  So many choices.   For Valentine’s Day, why not add a bit of red–any red–to the painting you’re working on right now.  Red adds passion as well as color.  And it adds warmth, if it’s the right red.  And it makes the painting much more interesting.

This holiday makes me think of red and also reminds me that I am a lucky person to have so many people in my life whom I love–including all of you.

But that’s just my opinion.