October always makes me think of color in general and colors in particular.  We have a covered front porch at our house, and I always have a painting hanging on the porch, just for fun.  The pumpkin painting on this page is a 24×36 acrylic on gallery-wrap canvas.  I love the autumn palette, so I used the oranges and blacks and golds of the season.  The gold paint on the canvas is Daniel Smith’s “World’s Best Gold Acrylic Gesso,” and it’s shiny like gold.  I varnish the “porch” canvases with a high-gloss varnish.  I already have the winter painting floating around somewhere in my head, so that probably means I’ll be starting on it sometime soon. 

I’ve been present for the judging of the WSI Juried Show for the past several years because I write down the comments–pretty much word-for-word–of the judge as he/she chooses the show’s winners. I always arrive a bit early for the judging so I can just take a look at the wonderful paintings on display before the judge even gets started (and I explained the judging procedure in an earlier blog).  As I walk the display at the WSI office, I can readily identify many of the artists without even looking at the artists’ names on their paintings.  And it’s not just because of subject matter.   Frequently I know whose painting it is because of the palette.

 So, let me discuss color and ask YOU a question.  If you were going to create a painting that primarily had ONLY the colors of autumn, which colors would you use?  And how would you use them?

Here are some of my favorites–

Daniel Smith:                                                                                                                         

“Moonglow”                                                                Winsor “Violet”

“Hematite”                                                                  American Journey “Aureolin”

“Iridescent Copper”                                                    American Journey “Halloween Orange”

“Iridescent Gold”                                                         Winsor “Raw Sienna”

“Bronzite Genuine”                                                     Holbein “Yellow Ochre”

“Iridescent Aztec Gold”                                               Winsor “Red”

“Quinacridone Burnt Orange”                                    American Journey “Andrew’s Turquoise”

“Rich Green Gold”                                                       American Journey “Sap Green”

“Pompei Red”                                                             American Journey “Ultramarine Blue”

“Italian Venetian Red”                                    American Journey “Indigo”

                                                                                    American Journey “Orchid”

I now have 21 tubes of paint sitting on my drafting table next to my computer.  What to do?  I think I’ll paint.  I wonder if I can use all 21 paint colors in a watercolor reminiscent of autumn.  If I do it, and it works, I will share in my next blog post.  If not, we will never speak of this again!

Enjoy this beautiful season, and let me know what YOU are painting and the colors you love.  Its important to share the joy that art brings into our lives.

But that’s just My Opinion.