The birthday flower for the month of May is the Lilly of the Valley.  Just thought I’d share a painting that I gave to friends who have May birthdays.  I DO love purple.

Some thoughts on the Membership Show and luncheon held on Saturday, May 18 at Second Presbyterian Church.  There was great company, beautiful art, good food, a wonderful demo by the talented Jerry Smith, and a scholarship presented to the delightful Katie Phan, a soon-to-be Carmel High School graduate and Purdue University student. (BOILER UP!)  Here’s a photo of Katie and her mother and the wonderful Jay Adams who has entrusted WSI to dispense the scholarship money each year.  You can also see two of Katie’s art works in the photo.  SO talented.  She plans to study animation at Purdue.

I’ve been a WSI Board member for quite a while now, and I am always so grateful to those members who so generously give of their time and talent to make our organization work.   Do you remember when you were in high school or were raising your kids or were in college organizations or are in organizations now–have you noticed that it’s always the same people doing all the work?  You saw the same faces at the concession stand at the baseball/football/soccer/track games.  You saw the same faces doing the work at your church organizations.  You see the same faces doing the volunteer work at WSI events.  People tell me that they ask me to do things because I’m “reliable.”  It’s not a very sexy description–but I am reliable.  It seems to me, though, that we have more “reliable” WSI members than just those of us who assume Board positions and offer to bring refreshments to events or help with delivery and pick-up at our Juried Show at the IMA.  Being “reliable” doesn’t take all that much time, and, believe me, the creative atmosphere that exists in working with others who are interested in and involved in the Arts is worth every bit of time.

So–let me ask you.  Is it time that some of the rest of you in the organization became reliable and involved, too?   I’d cede my seat on the Board to another reliable person.  We would welcome you and your help.

I’d love to see more reliable WSI members become involved.

But that’s just My Opinion. 

Paint beautiful things.