I was SO looking forward to meeting Valerie Allen on St. Patrick’s Day at the Lawrence Library.  I even had my GREEN all ready to wear.  Unfortunately, life had other things for me to do on Sunday, so I missed the meeting.  On the WSI Facebook page, I asked for comments about the presentation so I could read about it, and I’ll include some of the comments here—anonymously, of course.

“All I can say is that Val filled our heads with tons of product info and ideas for using the products to the point where I thought my head would surely burst. She was also fun and energetic! Her husband came along to help her, and we passed samples around to save time. There was tons of information given, questions asked and answered, and it was a very good presentation. Lots of people there too! A huge success if you ask me.”

“She did a great job of presenting the paints as well as showing us some techniques. It is too bad that it wasn’t videoed.”

“She was excellent! Lots of ideas, knowledge, very personable.”

The videotaping is an excellent idea.  I would have enjoyed watching it, too.  However we don’t have a video, but here’s a link to Val’s website, if you want more info or want to contact her:  http://valerieallenart.com/  Also, if you go to YouTube and search for QOR watercolors, you’ll find many videos that might be of interest.

Our Spring luncheon and Membership Show is on May 18. Don’t forget to register your painting for the show and sign up for lunch.  Prior to lunch, we will be able to view all the entries in the Juried Show before they are sent to our judge Don Andrews.  Jerry Smith will be our presenter and demonstrator at the luncheon.  He’s always interesting, and I always learn something from him.  (And I have LOTS to learn J).

We have two raised flower beds in our side yard, and I’m checking every day for signs of life.  I have raised roses for many years, and I’m noticing some “greening” in the stems, which pleases me.  My hydrangea is starting to show signs of life, and it looks as though my lavender plants have survived the winter.  I love spring.  And summer.  And fall.  Not a big fan of winter, and I think this winter was particularly difficult.  Now if the poppy plants I put in last fall survived, I will be really happy.

I’ve been painting most days—experimenting with yupo and watercolor and acrylic on yupo and acrylic on paper and painting wall hangings with acrylics.  I love nothing more than playing with paint.  It feeds my soul.  Here’s one example of playing: 

Fun with color and texture.  What Fun!

But that’s just My Opinion.