Happy April to you!  Spring may or may not arrive any day now.  As I’m writing this, the weather is sunny and warm, but who knows?  It IS the Midwest, after all, and anything can happen weather wise.

I love music and I love to dance, so to combine those two loves into an aerobic exercise program, I began going to Jazzercise several times a week about eight years ago.  I love the music, I love the exercise, and I love the company of people who attend classes with me.  One thing those of us who take Jazzercise do is celebrate our birthdays together once a month.

We also bring “treats” for the birthday girls celebrating.  It might be a birthday card or a lottery ticket or a bit of candy–something fun and not terribly expensive.  I wondered what I could do that might be a bit different from what someone else is doing, and I decided to give a card with a painted birthday flower of the month to the people celebrating.  I get out my watercolors and paint, and then I photograph the painting and then print the flowers on photo paper.  I then put the painting/photo into a Strathmore photo frame card and write a special note to the birthday girl. 

It’s been fun for me, and, since I love flowers, I’ve enjoyed painting the flowers that represent each month.  For example–

January’s flower is the carnation, so I printed a copy of a vase of carnations that I had painted.

February’s flower is the Violet:

The Daffodil is the flower for March:

In April it’s the Daisy

And in May, it’s the Lilly of the Valley:

And that’s as far as I’ve gone–so far.  These little practice pieces (except for the carnations–that was a commission) get me drawing and painting and playing with color–and playing with color is what I love to do most. 

But that’s just my opinion.  Paint beautiful things.  And enjoy.