Cardinal Fellowship is a designation established in the WSI Constitution.  It rewards members who have contributed both artistically and through Board service.  It requires twenty “points”, at least ten of which must be artistic points which are earned by having a painting accepted into our Juried Exhibits.  Additional artistic points are earned by winning awards in the exhibits.     The Cardinal Fellow designation may include up to ten service points which are earned for each year of service on the Board of Directors.

Jim has won numerous awards and prizes.

Jim has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He took all the art classes he could in high school, and won a scholarship to the John Herron Art School here in Indianapolis. He graduated from Herron with a B.A. degree in Art Education, and subsequently taught art in elementary and high school for seven years with the Indianapolis Public Schools system.  He also picked up a Master’s Degree in Art Education from Indiana University during this time.

While he was teaching, he found time to write and draw cartoons for major mass-market magazines and periodicals. This work led to other commercial art assignments, and eventually he chose to go into the field full-time as an Illustrator/Graphic Designer.

Jim’s first art position was with a studio called the “Art Room”.  Eventually, he bought the business, and for the next 25 years or so, he free-lanced as a Cartoonist I/Illustrator/Graphic Designer here in Indianapolis.

Jim enjoyed using watercolor for commercial assignments and for casual sketching on vacations, so when he retired in 2006, he decided to seriously pursue the medium more or less full-time. He joined WSI that same year, and has exhibited in the annual exhibitions every year since.  His paintings have been accepted in several national shows, and one of them was bought by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art for their permanent collection. Jim states:  “I love the challenge of this seemingly “simple” medium, and it seems to perfectly suit my artistic style and temperament. Lately, I’ve experimented a bit with acrylics, but I certainly have no intention of abandoning my first love of transparent watercolor.”

Congratulations Jim!