Hospital Collaboration

IUHealth/Methodist hospitals have invited various arts organizations to participate in a community outreach effort to benefit their long-term patients. They’re creating ways to connect through the visual arts, as well as dance, music, theater, etc. The involvement by WSI was initiated by Teresa Altemeyer. 

Cards, artwork by our members, with positive messages inside, to be distributed to the patients. 

They can be any medium and size, but please don’t use fragments in a collage, for instance, that could flake off. (glitter, sequins, etc.) They need to keep the rooms sterile. Sign them, first name only is okay, and write out Watercolor Society of Indiana somewhere on the card. Try to include an envelope for each card. Original art is terrific but printed cards of your work are welcome, too. They would like up to 200 cards per month and for this to be an ongoing effort, so please send them if you can. 

Mail cards to Marcia Reller, 7845 Westfield Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46240. Or drop them off at the WSI Office, 4181 E. 96th St., Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46240. I will send a box to our contact at IUHealth once a month. They do not want cards sent directly to the hospital. For the list of approved messages to use on the cards, contact Tanya at or Marcia at It is very important to stick with their list of approved messages.

The cards I’ve received so far are beautiful. Several people have made bookmarks, too, which is wonderful.

Thank you for taking the time. It is greatly appreciated! -Marcia