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Stephen Edwards Workshop

May 1, 2021 VIRTUAL “Value and Light” with WSI Signature & Founding Member, Internationally Known Artist, Stephen Edwards. We begin with a simple drawing (house on a hill). You take it where your creativity leads you keeping value and lights and darks at the forefront of your design. $100 for WSI Members. Supply list sent to you after April 26th. Virtual! In the comfort of your

Stephen Edwards Workshop2021-04-15T11:10:05-04:00

Community Outreach for Artists

Hospital Collaboration IUHealth/Methodist hospitals have invited various arts organizations to participate in a community outreach effort to benefit their long-term patients. They’re creating ways to connect through the visual arts, as well as dance, music, theater, etc. The involvement by WSI was initiated by Teresa Altemeyer.  Cards, artwork by our members, with positive messages inside, to be distributed to the patients.  They can be any

Community Outreach for Artists2021-04-02T11:02:10-04:00

In My Opinion… Pat Grabill… March 15, 2021

    Those of you who know me pretty well already know that I am an English major--two degrees in English I love it so much.  I'm clearly not an art major, which is one reason why I respect to a great degree the knowledge and beautiful artistry of those of you who have studied art your entire lives. I have to say, though, that

In My Opinion… Pat Grabill… March 15, 20212021-03-15T11:42:55-04:00

In My Opinion… Pat Grabill… February 18, 2021

T.S.Eliot, in his poem, "The Wasteland," says that April is the cruelest month.  I say, NO WAY, T.S.  February is the cruelest month, and February, 2021, proves it in terms of the weather.  The good thing about February, though, is that it's also the shortest month.  Soon it will be onto March and some early spring days, and we may even be warm again.  Someday.

In My Opinion… Pat Grabill… February 18, 20212021-02-19T10:21:41-05:00

In My Opinion… Pat Grabill… January 12, 2021

Happy New Year!!!!  I posted a Bitmoji instead of a painting this time because it's winter, and I don't paint "winter" (because I really don't like winter), and I figured it was too early for a beach painting.  But maybe not.  Maybe a beach painting next month. Speaking of painting--I would love to see what you--fellow painters--have been working on during this long, long, long

In My Opinion… Pat Grabill… January 12, 20212021-01-14T21:38:27-05:00

In My Opinion…. Pat Grabill…. November 20, 2020

     Thanksgiving is next week, and it's time to make the glass half-full again instead of half empty.  Therefore, with that in mind, here are some things that I am grateful for this year.  My family is still healthy.  My freshman-in-college grandson tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, but he just had a stuffy nose for a day or so and is now okay.  No

In My Opinion…. Pat Grabill…. November 20, 20202020-12-29T10:21:45-05:00

In My Opinion… Pat Grabill… October, 2020

I always tell Nancy Mullens that before I write the blog, I wait for some kind of "inspiration." Well, I was inspired by our WSI General Membership meeting on October 24.  It was the first General meeting since November of 2019.  It was a ZOOM meeting, which isn't the same as seeing everyone in person, but it was great to see everyone who logged in,

In My Opinion… Pat Grabill… October, 20202020-10-28T16:15:28-04:00
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