All I want for Christmas is………..??????

Well, it isn’t my two front teeth, because I’ve had those for a very long time.  And when Eartha Kitt writes her letter to Santa, she wants “a sable under the tree; a ’54 convertible, light blue; a deed to a platinum mine; Tiffany decorations for the tree; and finally, a ring.”  That’s a pretty pricey wish list.  If I wore real fur, my kids would have a fit.  I had a ’65 Mustang convertible once–my first car.  I wish I still had it.  I don’t know what I’d do with a platinum mine.  Does one dig for platinum?  I have plenty of decorations for the tree, most of which stay in the box.  I have rings–the most recent of which I received from my sweet husband on the occasion of our 50th anniversary in August.  I already have everything I need and everything I want.  At my age, I’ve had plenty of time to accumulate “stuff.” 

So, what do we really tell people we want for Christmas? 

And so I ask for art.  I ask for gift cards to Prizm or Cheap Joe’s or Jerry’s Artarama.    Really good WC paints are, as you know, costly, and so is the paper upon which we place those paints. 

My question(s) to you are, what’s the best art-related Christmas gift you’ve received (or purchased for yourself in the name of “Christmas”), and what art-related gift would you like to have this year?

My wish for you this season is peace, joy, and love in your family and in your heart.  I wish you kindness to others AND to yourself. 

I celebrate Christmas, but no matter what holiday you celebrate at this season of the year, I hope you have great fun and much laughter.

Blessings to you!