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0717, 2018

In My Opinion – Pat Grabill — July 17, 2018

Judging the Show  On Wednesday, July 11, 2018, Florida watercolor artist Steve Rogers judged this year's Watercolor Society of Indiana's Juried Show.  I was there because each year I write down what the judge has to say about why he chose certain paintings as prize winners.  Those comments from the judge are then copied onto the certificates that the show's

0620, 2018

In My Opinion – Pat Grabill — June 20, 2018

Tell Me a Story-- I am fascinated by the concept of "Story" in a painting.  Painting and writing have a great deal in common.  Both are a kind of story.  Both exist in an enclosure of some kind.  A painting has a frame, and the framed area is chosen by the artist who is painting her/his story.  A written story

0521, 2018

In My Opinion … By Pat Grabill

In My Opinion Pat Grabill Since I took my first watercolor class at the end of the 90's--thanks to an Eli Lilly Foundation summer Teacher Creativity Grant--I have enjoyed making friends in the Watercolor Society of Indiana and learning that  I can recognize without looking at the name on a painting those painters whose work I admire very much.  For

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