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0620, 2018

In My Opinion – Pat Grabill — June 20, 2018

Tell Me a Story-- I am fascinated by the concept of "Story" in a painting.  Painting and writing have a great deal in common.  Both are a kind of story.  Both exist in an enclosure of some kind.  A painting has a frame, and the framed area is chosen by the artist who is painting her/his story.  A written story

0521, 2018

In My Opinion … By Pat Grabill

In My Opinion Pat Grabill Since I took my first watercolor class at the end of the 90's--thanks to an Eli Lilly Foundation summer Teacher Creativity Grant--I have enjoyed making friends in the Watercolor Society of Indiana and learning that  I can recognize without looking at the name on a painting those painters whose work I admire very much.  For

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