Award Winners 2017-11-02T13:56:04+00:00

Watercolor Society of Indiana 2017 Annual Exhibit

These works are on display at the Brett Waller Gallery at the IMA until December 2, 2017

Wilbur Meese Memorial Award, After Hours —- Rich Ernsting, CF, $2,200

Theodore M. Englehart Honorary Award, Sleepless —- Ji Eun Yu, $1,500

Founders Award, Tuttles —- Allen Hutton, WSI, $1,300


Marilyn K Glick Memorial Award, At the Forge —- Daniel T. Driggs, WSI, $1,200


Kathleen Cornelius Honorary Award, Stained Glass Landscape —- Ron Leonhardt, WSI, $1,100


James Curtin Lentz Memorial Award, And All That Gas! —- Robert Bratton, CF, $1,000


The “Birdie” Award, Ripple Effect —- Jerry Smith, CF, $1,000


WSI Presidents Award, Sunday A.M. —- James Weaver, CF, $700

WSI Memorial Award, Easter in the City —- Diane Keimeyer, WSI, $600

WSI Members Award, Comet Matinee —- Bruce Gray, WSI, $400